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Do you make these mistakes in goal-setting?

1. Getting emotionally excited - It's okay to get excited, but realize that emotions will not get the job done. Your goals must be action-oriented.

2. Sharing your goal prematurely - You can share your goals with those who will understand and know how to support you, but keep in mind that everyone will not be happy about your capacity and willingness to dream big!

3. Not thinking strategically - Again, the initial excitement is good, but it is the steps in motion that will get you there.

4. Setting goals based on your present situationS - Do not limit your ability to reach beyond where you are.

5. Set it and forget it - The goal is written and laid to rest the next day. It's treated as a task on a check-off list.

We are 53 days into the new year and want I encourage you to take out those goals and regain your momentum to accomplish them. It does not matter how big or small. Recite your goals. Position them in front of you daily. Remember, that you can always adjust the steps, but keep the goal at the center of your focus.

Be intentional about your accomplishments in 2021!!


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