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17 Ways to Help Someone Heal After Tragedy

Oftentimes, the GREATNESS of who you are surfaces in the midst of tragedy. Life after tragedy requires a long and necessary healing process that is often neglected because life moves at a fast pace. In honor of the 17 Angels of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, I will share 17 ways to help someone heal after tragedy.

Unconditional love says it all. You may get hit in the crossfires of bitterness, resentment, and unimaginable hurt exuding from the heart of the wounded. Don’t take it personal! The pain has to come up and out for healing to occur. Prayer is a powerful means to invite the restorative power of God’s healing touch. When you pray for survivors of tragedy, pray for strength, restoration, and the God’s grace to embrace forgive. Share words of encouragement with the understanding that sometimes words are hard to receive especially coming from someone who never wore the shoes of the survivor. Know that your presence alone makes a difference and brings comfort. Commemorative items, unique journals for therapeutic writing, favorite color scented candles, engraved keepsakes with messages of hope, faith, and love will aide in the healing process.

Continue to encourage healing after tragedy by asking, what can I do for you? Don’t be afraid to enter into that person’s world and take them out of self-pity even if it is for a 30-minute walk or lunch. Stop by a bookstore and invest in an inspirational book. Hit the share button and text an inspiring video. Stop by the home of the survivor and offer to clean, cook, and help reorganize their life. Offer to accompany them to important appointments or engagements.

What good can possibly come from tragedy? Focusing on the positive amidst the negative gives hope and motivation to survivors of tragedy. Witnessing this generation of Millennials tap into unprecedented POWER to demonstrate what it means to come together for a GREATER cause has been positive. Knowing that change is on the horizon brings HOPE and HEALING to the hearts of hurting families of the victims of Columbine High, Sandy Hook Elementary, Virginia Tech and countless others impacted by senseless school shootings.

There are endless ways to help someone heal after tragedy. These 17 suggestions will equip you to effectively support individuals and families impacted by tragedy.

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