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Write That Book Already: Leave a Lasting Impression

So, now that you are comfortable telling your story and engaging your audience, it is time to leave a lasting impression. How will you be remembered? Not everyone is born with the burning desire to take center stage to captivate a listening audience. If that is not your calling, it’s okay, because there are other outlets that will allow you to have that same impact without leaving the comfort of your home. It is called, a book!

Yes, the reputable black on white is on your side and with the right skills and techniques you have the potential to leave your readers in awe “if” you write to leave a lasting impression. We are all unique individuals with a story to share and that means no two stories are the exact same. Since you are the main character, it’s time to tell your story your way!!

Newsflash: as unique as you are and riveting your story may be, everyone will not be interested in reading your book. Don’t feel bad, this rejection comes with the territory. With that said, you have to write directly to your target audience. Avoid generalizing your story in hopes of reaching everyone. How do you identify your target audience? It is the people you attract. They are drawn to your personality, character, and story. These people are easy to talk to and engage because you speak the same language. You have a burning desire to help them. Now, it’s time to speak to them through your writing.

Yes, it’s time to write that book already! You’re readers are waiting and ready to hear from you. But first, they are going to watch your brand. What you represent and have to offer is important to your readers. No one is going to feel obligated to buy your book unless it’s family (sometimes). Before a reader picks up your book to give it a full read, he or she will jump around to the front, back, middle and end in hopes of gauging the potential of a lasting impression.

In conclusion, be yourself and write directly to your target audience. If you are reading this blog, you are on the right track. Writing your book begins with sharing your story. You have to know how to engage your audience in conversation. Finally, bring it all together with your main point and grand finale in mind. Now, that’s how you leave a lasting impression!

Stay tuned for live interactive sessions in 2018 designed to help you write that book already.

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