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Write That Book Already: Engage Your Audience

It’s nothing more torturous than a boring individual. Someone with a monotone voice, no emotional connection, and sticks to the script! It’s nothing wrong with sticking to the script, however, if you don’t know how to read your audience the only thing applying your message will be the walls. In July’s blog, I encouraged you to get comfortable sharing your story. In general, should always be ready to answer the following questions, Who am I? Why am I here? What services do I provide? How can I be contacted me? These are the meat and potatoes of an elevator pitch.

I recommend that you create and use conversation starters for those not attending networking events on a consistent basis, but still desire to spark up meaningful and engaging conversations. A conversation starter is a great way for you to select a topic that you are knowledgeable about to engage another person.

Fashion: That is a lovely outfit. How do you put together such an impress ensemble? I actually bought this outfit from…

Literature: So, tell me what’s the current book that you are reading? I am currently reading…

Engaging your audience does not mean that you have to know it all. The exchange of information should be reciprocal. If you are engaging in a conversation and do not understand something, say just that, “I am not familiar with this topic, so help me understand your point of view.” Give the other person an opportunity to shed some light and in doing so, the depth of your conversation might be surreal.

My point is this, before you can put the pen to paper, you need to first understand your story. You will effectively communicate something that you understand. Once you understand your story, find opportunities to share it. How you engage your audience will determine their commitment to retaining your story. Your goal should be to leave a lasting impression!

Now, what about those readers that you will never meet in person? When they pick up your book, what is your level of commitment to engage them and help them connect to your story? Stay tuned for the next blog and get ready to take notes and begin writing your book.

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