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God is READY to Heal Families

Which one of you Prophets or Seers saw this plague coming but did not warn the people?

I want to talk to the Prophets and Seers about not folding when God tells you to speak.

Addressing the issues that God reveals in order to heal.

Most of all, not worrying about what people think or how they feel.

Get back on your post Prophets and Seers!

There's another storm and this one is targeting our children.

Now family, how will you protect and prepare your children? Child(ren) present struggles are equivalent to adulthood. They are going through everything under the sun with us. If as an adult, we are often times lost for words, emotionally distant or simply existing, what about the children? Most do not have the words to articulate how they feel and what they are thinking right now.

God done turned our homes into a Sanctuary that we can hardly leave before we minister to all of our Members. So, before you save everyone on your job or transform into a Superhero for your community, remember, family comes first!!

God is READY to heal families.

Lets remain prayerful, positive, optimistic, filled with hope and faith, communicate and intercede for the victory during these trying times. Always remain proactive about keeping your families safe.

#Triumph @DRLFH

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