SPRING INTO THE NEXT LEVEL: Five Things You Need Before You Take The Leap & Sustainability After

Leap into what? Success that can only be accessed in the next level of your life.


What is the bigger picture and why? You want to open your own practice, (legal, medicine, dentistry, cosmetology, finance). What makes you different from the other practices surrounding you? You’re why or reason for doing what you do must be clear. If you are not clear on your “Why” the resources, people, and funding, cannot find their way to you.


What if you are working hard, but in your mind, you have doubts and actually do not believe that you will ever make it? If you don’t believe it, you can’t achieve it. Before you take the first leap, you must have the belief that no matter what, you can and you will achieve.


How do you know that you are effective? First, when your quality of life improves as a result of what you know, apply, and practice. Second, you know that you are effective when you are able to teach/coach others to have the same or greater level of success.


Support is when people believe in you and they show it. Kuddos, congratulations, and I am so proud of you is flattering to the ears, but before you take the leap into your next level, assess how many people are in position to help you navigate through life.