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What are your THOUGHTS regarding your current situation?

And how do you FEEL? (As a man thinks, so is he, Proverbs 23:7).

Your thoughts will IMPACT your EMOTIONS.

Your THOUGHTS + EMOTIONS unchecked will determine what you SPEAK. (What you say flows from what is in your heart, Luke 6:45).

It is impossible to RECEIVE what God has for you if you do not BELIEVE what He SAYS about YOU! You respond to situations based on how you perceive yourself.

  • If you believe you are unworthy of love, you will reject anyone who shows a genuine interest and care for you.

  • If you believe you are not capable of achieving greatness, you will avoid pursuing anything that is uncomfortable and requires change.

  • If you believe that living paycheck to paycheck is normal, you will never explore wealth-building opportunities.

What God says about you forecasts the OUTCOME of ALL current and future situations and circumstances that you will ever encounter in THIS lifetime.

Be committed and consistent with aligning your THOUGHTS + EMOTIONS + BELIEFS to the WORD OF GOD so that you can RECEIVE God’s BEST for your life.

The absence of these three elements keep you out of alignment and causes constant disequilibrium. STAGNATION is an indicator of the disequilibrium. You keep getting stuck! The internal factors, which are more important, will always influence the external outcomes.

Do you constantly vacillate when faced with making decisions? VACILLATION is an indicator of disequilibrium. I am talking about being unable to make a solid decision in a particular area whether it is how you spend your time or the NEXT steps in a major endeavor. Again, check your thoughts, how you feel, and what you believe concerning that particular situation. The findings are a true reflection of how you feel about YOURSELF!

When day-to-day interruptions occurs like STAGNATION or VACILLATION, extend your FAITH and embrace what God says about you and remember, life is not happening to you, rather for you. Get a grip and align in your THOUGHTS + EMOTIONS + BELIEFS to the WORD OF GOD so that you can RECEIVE God’s BEST for your life!!

It is time to get in ALIGNMENT with God’s Word, so that you can embrace His Purpose and Destiny for your life. Triumph awaits you!

Dr. Faith

Empowering you to live the triumphant life!!

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