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Refuge for an aching heart is hard to find. Oftentimes, prayer is the last thing on our minds because we want immediate console for our pain. Never discredit the immediate benefits of silent conversations with God during challenging times. This is the perfect opportunity to open your hurting heart to the Creator and trust His timing to make the necessary repairs. Some repairs are instantaneous and others requires ongoing healing. Whichever path you have to take, welcome the peace of God to sustain your heart and mind. When you are too weak to pray for yourself, remember to embrace the sincere concerns of those closest who offer words of comfort, prayer, and most of all presence. People are a part of your healing process.

Worship is also a conduit for healing and recovery. Worship involves getting submersed into God presence by selflessly giving Him your undivided attention filled with love and adoration. What ever you do, don't stop worshiping God. His goodness does not stop when you are crossing troubling waters. Inviting God’s presence into your life brings peace, re-energizes your faith, and gives you hope to make it through to the other side.

I know that some of you are way too preoccupied with the cares of life to stop and engage in self-reflection, but if your heart still aches and certain memories causes pain, you are not healed. Take some time for yourself and allow your wounds to heal. You may have tried a few and not all of the practices mentioned in this blog. Today, I invite you to pause, do a quick heart check, and commit to applying one of the practices below.

The Heart’s Healing Process

1. Engage in silent conversations with God

2. Welcome the peace of God

3. Rely on the strength of others

4. Worship in God’s presence

5. Re-energize your faith daily

6. Maintain hope for tomorrow

Write it, Recite it, and Apply it daily

God is still working amazing miracles of healing. I invite you to stop by The Worship Well with special guest Psalmist Raine, hosted by Ryan Horton, Friday, November 30, 2018 in Lakeland, Florida. God is moving among us and we are even more obsessed with more of Him. It’s time for healing and whole hearts.

For more information visit:

The Worship Well November 30th 202 N. Massachusetts Ave. Lakeland, FL 33801 8:00 pm, EST

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