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I Had One Affirmation, 110% Recovery!

It was August 2006, three months after my brush with death. I was transferred to rehab and preparing for my fifteenth surgery. My psychologist, therapist, doctors, and nurses insisted that rehab would either make or break me. I informed them that before my car accident, I was a sixth grade teacher at an inner city school, proof that I was up for the challenge. When in fact, I had no idea what I was in for, but I knew that God was with me.  

Since day one, I had one affirmation, 110% Recovery! Affirmations are positive thoughts and words that produce positive actions. In other words, you say it until you not only believe it, but you live it! During rehab, my repaired bones and ligaments would be worked to complete exhaustion. My limped body was transported from the stretcher to a wheelchair and I had to learn how to walk again. Oh my, the challenges were great!

My sister Michelle wrote my affirmation on the white board, 110% Recovery. I read and recited this affirmation daily. I set up my room like an obstacle course because I was determined to make it back to where I was before and better! On the days when my body swelled from the exercises, I reminded myself, “It will not be like this always” and “This too shall pass.”

I remember the day when I wanted to give up. In the middle of the hallway, I stopped all efforts to practice walking with the walker and sat down in my wheelchair. I cried and all I could think was, “Why did this have to happen to me?” There I was, I survived the worst. I had escaped death not once, but three times! And I was having my own pity-party. I am sure that someone reading this blog have experienced reaching your, “breaking point.” This is when you know what you need to do to cross over into THE PROMISE, but getting there is much more painful than staying in your comfort zone! It’s easier that way, right?

Well, pain stood in the way of my #TRIUMPH and the hill felt too high to climb. Quietly in the background of my doubt and worries I heard a voice say, “The race is not given to the swift, but to those who can endure to the end.” It was my therapist and she was using words of ENCOURAGEMENT to fuel my FAITH! I stood up, grasped the handles of that walker and pressed forward. I accomplished a record-breaking 100 steps that day and was affirmed in my spirit to keep going!!

You have to affirm yourself daily. Do not wait on others to tell you what you have the power to declare about yourself:

  • No more missed opportunities! I am ready and prepared to receive God's best.

  • I am forgiven; therefore, I forgive others.

  • I am grateful for every lesson that life has taught me.

  • I declare, I Am who God says I Am!

I believe that my experiences in rehab eleven years ago planted a seed for my latest book, Quotes for Triumphant Living. I meditated on God’s word daily and declared my healing through affirmations and eventually I experienced 110% recovery. You have the power to #TRIUMPH.

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