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Write That Book Already: Get Comfortable Sharing Your Story

Write That Book Already blog series, will provide tips to help the “mega-successful” people to the “just getting started” people muster up enough confidence to share their story and change the world for generations to come! The story that I am referring to is the journey to your success because that’s what people are anxious to hear. How did you get to where you are today? This is your hook and it has the power to captivate a listening audience.

Public speakers are not the only ones qualified to tell their story. Nor is a stage required when sharing your experiences, point-of-view, or suggestions with someone else. What is it that you need to say? Get comfortable with the idea of speaking outside of your comfort zone. The prerequisite for sharing information is your ability to communicate. Your “why” behind what you do should be crystal clear to your audience. Again, this is your hook and it has the power to captivate a listening audience.

To develop your hook, I recommend spending at least 10 minutes a week practicing a formal introduction answering these important questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What services do I provide? How can I be contacted? It is not only possible, but it’s necessary and you have 60 seconds to do it!

It starts with you getting comfortable enough to share your story. I’m not talking about a book, although we will get to that.

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