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Worship to Live began as a Conference in 2012 and has evolved into an organization that focuses on developing participants into their fullest potential in Christ. The WTL Conference name came from a song that I wrote just a few years before the first conference. It was written while I was in a hard place, nevertheless, I was determined to live for God, no matter who decided to be around me or not. I learned how to worship my way to a joyful place. This daily devotional is to encourage all who are dealing with traumatic experiences. Every author has lived through the pain that accompanies trauma. There is good news! They survived and the pain did not terminate their life as the enemy had planned. I want you to know that you are a survivor too!!

Worship To Live: Moving Past My Emotions, by Jacarada Banks Austin

  • WOW!!!! While reading you can just feel the testimonies! It is amazing to read how GOD has done so much in everyone's lives. You can see a piece of you in every story. Kiaza's story, I AM ENOUGH was beyond moving. Especially this day in age, even as an adult, I personally tend to compare myself to others. This book was moving and made me realize how blessed I am. ~

    INDIA CARGILE, Therapist Human Resource Specialist

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