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Quotes for Triumphant Living is a compilation of over 600 original and authentic quotes intended to empower readers to experience triumph in every aspect of life. This book is organized into 35 common themes of life ranging from positive words of Affirmations, Faith, Justice, Peace, Success, and Wisdom. Each theme will cultivate your capacity to experience triumphant living in critical areas of your life. The end goal is that you are empowered to live the triumphant life!

Quotes for Triumphant Living Paperback

SKU: Q4TL004
  • We can all benefit from something that reminds us that our best days can still be ahead of us. Quotes for Triumphant Living provides that pep talk that can cheer us on to our personal greatness. ~ Cyrus Webb, Media Personality/Author/Top 300 Amazon Reviewer


  • Ready for victory, joy, and inspiration? Quotes for Triumphant Living is an outstanding compilation of quotes from many of the world’s most inspiring people. The wisdom on these pages will empower and equip you to take action, overcome the odds, eliminate fear, boost your confidence, and make your dreams a reality! ~ Carl Mathis, Pursuing Your Purpose: How to Discover God’s Revelation for Your Life


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