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“101 reasons to Live” is an interactive journal created to promote meaningful reflection. At the beginning of each journal entry, the reader is introduced to an exclusive reason to live. Then, captured at the end of each journal entry is the inspiration of why we should live. I want you, the reader, to be inspired to discover 101 reasons you are still here by connecting your personal experiences to each reason within the pages of this interactive journal.


The Ultimate “101 Reason to Live” Reason #1: Fulfill Your Destiny! In order to FULFILL YOUR DESTINY, you must recognize your Purpose. 

~ Dr. Faith

101 Reasons to Live

SKU: R2L003
  • 101 Reasons to Live written by renowned speaker and award-winning author, Loretta Faith Harris who also has written, "The Journey Less Traveled: Choose to Turn Your Tragedy into Triumph" has once again penned an inspiring book. I believe this book is for anyone who is struggling with the blue print for his or her life's purpose. This is an interactive book, so by reading along and actively participating with the interactive journal, you really get the opportunity to put down on paper the plan for your destiny. For example, Loretta states, "prepare yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually for where you are going and when opportunity comes knocking at the door; answer it!" With each of the 101 reasons Loretta gives for living, she challenges the reader to think about the reason and to take action by reflecting and writing personal thoughts and experiences.

    I personally learn best by seeing and doing, so seeing the reason and writing it down, helped reinforce the reason in my brain. I am sure that others can benefit from this process too. One of my favorite 101 reasons is when she says, "Go out of your comfort zone and travel to places unknown" and asks, "What are the benefits of traveling out of your comfort zone?" As a member of the armed services, I have been in seven countries and have lived in five of them. I can tell you from experience that there is a lot of wisdom in that quote. I believe that Loretta Faith Harris is a gifted teacher and a natural motivator who knows her destiny and through this book, she is sharing her gift with the world. Loretta is showing others how to reach their own destiny! I strongly recommend this book to everyone, especially if you feel your life has become stagnant and you need a push into the right direction.

    Sgt Corey L. Birdsong
    United States Army

  • There are options for you to explore and find out the reason and purpose for your life. You are not required to continue on in hopes of bumping into it one day. This interactive journal offers pages and pages of opportunities to work it out for yourself. 101 REASONS TO LIVE gives you 101 opportunities to search your heart and find the answers you seek. 
    Reviewed by Shawneda Marks
    for The RAWSISTAZ tm Reviewers

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